Fireproof Filler

Fireproof foam pad [MG-1000]

2-hour Fireproof Filling Structure acknowledged by Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
Product Information

It is a modified urethane product facilitating construction work. It is a fireproof filler for the penetration area with excellent elasticity, fireproof, soundproof, and sealing property.

Physical Properties

Technical Data: Based on 20 ℃, relative humidity 60%

Appearance Flammability Size
Black None 600×900mm×75T
(Other thickness is available on order)
  • Fireproof filling in the penetration area (metal pipes and ducts, etc.) in the fire protection zone
  • Fireproof filling in the metal pipe (up to 100A) penetration area
How to use
  • Clean around the penetration areas.
  • Apply masking tape to prevent staining in the surrounding areas.
  • Cut the foam pad slightly larger than the size of the opening, and compress it identical to certified structure.
  • Apply fireproof sealant at a constant thickness around the cable or joint in the opening.
  • Remove the masking tape after application.
  • Until the fireproof sealant is completely cured, be careful not to have it contaminated by rain or dirt, or damaged by impact.

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