Sealant for wallpaper [MG-107]

Image of Sealant for wallpaper
Product Information

It is an acrylic product. Since it has excellent adhesion to wallpaper and paper, it shows excellent adhesion following the evaporation of moisture.

Physical Properties

Technical Date: Based on 20 ℃, relative humidity 60%

Main components Acrylic emulsion
Appearance White (Other colors available on order)
PH 7 ∼ 10
Flammability None
Curing time More than 3 days (2mm wet)
Complete curing time It takes 21 ~ 30 days in case coating thickness exceeds 10mm (the curing time may vary depending on temperature and humidity)
Service temperature 5 ~ 40℃

Adhesion of wallpaper, paper, etc.

  • Excellent adhesion to wallpaper
  • Water-soluble emulsion products which is non-toxic and harmless to human body.
Standard working conditions
Standard temperature in the work place 15 ∼ 35℃
Standard humidity in the workplace 50 ∼ 75%
Lowest storage temperature 2℃
How to use
  • Remove dirt and moisture from the surface where the product will be applied.
  • Do not mask the tape around the masking tape.
  • Apply the product with a constant thickness on the surface to be adhered.
  • After applying the sealant, remove the masking tape cleanly.
  • Complete the finishing work within 5 minutes after installation and clean excess material with water.
  • Avoid contact until the sealant is completely cured and be careful not to have it contaminated by rain or dirt, or damaged by impact.
Precautions for use
  • Avoid contact with uncured sealant because it may irritate your skin or eyes.
  • Make sure to wear protective clothing and gloves prior to starting works.
  • As this product is water soluble, please avoid using it in a humid place.
  • When storing the product, keep it out of direct sunlight and store it in a cool, dry place at 5 ~ 30 ℃.
  • For more information, please contact our lab or refer to MSDS.

※ This data is the general product information provided to help consumers to work as much as possible.
Please contact us if you need any specific data or have inquiries about the product.