Heating fuel

Cured Fuel [MG-187]

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Product Information

A composition of alcohols in jelly form. It is used for curing and heating in place of coal briquettes, oval briquettes, firewood, and heater in construction sites and greenhouses

Physical Properties
Form Gel
Main Component Methanol
Odor Alcohol odor (Odorless during combustion)
Appearance Transparent
Burning Time 9 hours
Heating Capacity about 5 Pyeong / 13kg
  • It has relatively low risk of fire compared to solid fuel because it burns in a gel form while maintaining the gel state during combustion.
  • It can be ignited without using a separate combustion tool.
  • Since there is almost no residue after combustion, it is easy to treat after use.
  • It is easy to move and store.
How to Use
  • Open the lid and light a fire.
  • Adjust the intensity of flame by adjusting the size of the combustion part with the lid.
  • Cover the lid for extinguishing.
  • Immediately after extinguishing, open the lid once more to discharge the internal gas completely and then close the lid.
Precautions for Use
  • Be careful not to let the internal gel come into contact with your eyes or body. If it did, wash the contaminated parts with running water immediately and consult a specialist.
  • Completely close the lid to prevent alcohol from evaporating when extinguishing for re-use.
  • When reusing the residual quantity, mix the contents.
  • Adequate ventilation shall be provided when using.

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